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Namal By Nimra Ahmed Episode 8

Posted by – 09/03/2015

Read Namal By Nimra Ahmed Episode 8

The Urdu Novel Namal is Nimra Ahmad’s Ongoing Novel Which Is Published in the Khawateen Digest for Women. She is very popular in females, and also males because of her unique writing style. It is romantic story but as well it gives very important social awareness and lighten up some social drawback of our society which ordinary man faces due to ups and downs of his life it centers on one of our most complicated problems these days. You will not be able to put this novel aside before reading till the end. It is written in a style that Nimra never written before. It is written in suspense. Nimra never written a suspense novel before, and before you jump, let me explain that Jannat Kay Pattay, Belli Rajputon Ki Malika, Paras were not suspense novels, they were mastery novels. The difference between a suspense and a mystery novel is a character is hiding some secret that the reader does not know and some of the characters don’t know either and reader and the characters find it out together, like Jihaan’s secret and Maya and Rizwan’s secret. In a suspense novel, reader knows the main secret of the novel from the very start, but the main characters don’t know. Nimra done writing mysteries, and this time she is trying something different. Namal’s episodes are titled with names, like Titled Chapters in a book, it’s every episode has a different name. The name of 8th episode of Urdu Novel Namal is “Main Ghaarat Gar”. Urdu Novels Online has provided it for the benefit of all world especially for the overseas peoples who wants to read novels and they are far away from Khawateen Digest. Namal by Nimra Ahmed 8th episode published in March 2015, and it is available now on Urdu Novels Online. Please don’t forget to post your views on the Storyline, Novel characters and Author’s writing style. We hope to see exciting comments and feedback from the readers of Nimra Ahmed and yes be assured that we’ll try our best to share with you in high quality as always, and you would love to read Namal by Nimra Ahmed. You may share your thoughts about Namal and as well as any book from this free Online Urdu Library “Urdu Novels Online”. Your feedback and comments are helpful and we highly appreciate it. Here we go to read Namal Novel by Nimra Ahmed episode 5 March 2015. Feel Free to share it on Facebook also and needs your reviews on our Facebook Page: Novels By Nimra Ahmed .


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Namal By Nimra Ahmed Episode 7

Posted by – 06/02/2015

Read Namal By Nimra Ahmed Episode 7:

Here Urdu Novel Namal By Nimra Ahmed Episode 7 which is published in Khwateen Digest February 2015. The novel is uploaded here specially for the overseas peoples who wants to read it and can’t get the digest out of Pakistan.Read here below.

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Sans Sakin Thi By Nimra Ahmed

Posted by – 03/02/2015

Sans Sakin Thi Urdu Novel By Nimra Ahmed:

Sans Sakin Thi By Nimra Ahmed an Urdu novel written by famous Urdu Writer Nimra Ahmed was published in Khawateen Digest 2008. Nimra Ahmed is a famous Urdu Novels and Stories Writer she has written many Urdu Novels and Stories in Khawateen Digest. Read Urdu Novel Sans Sakin Thi By Nimra Ahmed here at Urdu Novels Online.

Sans Sakin Thi Urdu Novel By Nimra Ahmed

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Hasil By Umera Ahmed

Posted by – 15/09/2014

Hasil (1)
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La-Hasil By Umera Ahmed

Posted by – 11/05/2014

La-Hasil By Umera Ahmed
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Sehar Aik Istara Hai By Umera Ahmed

Posted by – 17/03/2014

Sehar Aik Istara Hai

Sehar Aik Istara Hai

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Darbar-e-Dil By Umera Ahmed

Posted by – 16/03/2014

Darbar-e-Dil By Umera Ahmed

Darbar-e-Dil By Umera Ahmed

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Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan By Umera Ahmed

Posted by – 03/02/2014

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Hasal-e-Zeest By Qurat-ul-ain Chana

Posted by – 15/04/2013

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Ghar Aangan Ki Chaaon By Saira Choudhry

Posted by – 01/04/2013

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