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Man-o-Salwa By Umera Ahmed Part III

Posted by – 24/01/2015

Third Part of Urdu Novel Man-o-Salwa By Umera Ahmed read here online.

Man o Salwa urdu novel by umera ahmed

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Aab e Hayat By Umera Ahmed Episode 03

Posted by – 07/01/2015

Here is the Third Episode Of Aab e Hayat By Umera Ahmed Published on January 2015. Aab e Hayat is the second part of the most famous Novel Of Umera Ahmed Peer e Kamil SAWW. Now Aab e Hayat is publishing in Khawateen Digest episode wise started from November .  Now feel free to read online Aab e Hayat Episode Three 03. And Dont Forget to give us your feedback at Urdu Novels By Umera Ahmed.

Aab e Hayat by Umera Ahmed Episode 3

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Peer-e-Kamil The Perfect Mentor (PBUH) Novel By Umera Ahmed (English Version)

Posted by – 31/12/2014

Peer-e-Kamil, The Perfect Mentor (PBUH) By Umera Ahmed:

Pir-e-Kamil (Peer e Kamil ) PBUH, The Perfect Mentor, has been written for you. For that moment in your life when you need to decide between light and darkness. You may tread the path that leads to light or, if you wish, take the path that ends in darkness. Pir-e-Kamil (Peer e Kamil ) PBUH is that voice that can guide one and can lead one from the dark towards the light, if one so wishes to take that path, And indeed guidance is given to them who desire it.
Urdu Novels Online is an online web portal where u can read Peer-e-Kamil PBUH novel written by Umera Ahmed for the first time. Here you can read full urdu novel Peer-e-Kamil PBUH online ,and you can read more novels of Umera Ahmed, Nimra Ahmed, Hashim Nadeem and many more famous urdu novels online,  and don’t forget to give us your feedback on our Facebook Fan page.


Urdu Novels By Umera Ahmed

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Read Peer-e-Kamil PBUH By Umera Ahmed In Urdu :

Click here to read complete novel Peer-e-Kamil PBUH in Urdu

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Aab-e-Hayat By Umera Ahmed Episode 01

Posted by – 06/11/2014

The Novel Aab-e-Hayat By Umera Ahmed is the second part/sequel of the most famous novel Peer-e-kamil.  We here by uploading the first Episode Of Aab-e-Hayat as it is publishing in Khwateen digest by episode. The First Episode of Aab-e-Hayat is published in November 2014 and others will so on will be uploaded as by Episode .

For all those who haven’t read Famous Novel Peer-e-Kamil, the first Part of Aab-e-Hayat.

Peer e Kamil Complete Novel By Umera Ahmed

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Wapsi By Umera Ahmed

Posted by – 18/05/2014

Wapsi By Umera Ahmed (1) More (2712)

Zindagi Gulzar Hai By Umera Ahmed

Posted by – 13/05/2014

Zindagi Gulzar Hai by Umera Ahmed (1) More (11092)

Sehar Aik Istara Hai By Umera Ahmed

Posted by – 17/03/2014

Sehar Aik Istara Hai

Sehar Aik Istara Hai

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Darbar-e-Dil By Umera Ahmed

Posted by – 16/03/2014

Darbar-e-Dil By Umera Ahmed

Darbar-e-Dil By Umera Ahmed

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Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan By Umera Ahmed

Posted by – 03/02/2014

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Teri Yaad Khar-e-Gulab Hai By Umera Ahmed

Posted by – 07/01/2014

Teri Yaad Khar-e-Gulab Hai By Umera Ahmed

Teri Yaad Khar-e-Gulab Hai By Umera Ahmed

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